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PrintBoss Check Printing Software Saves You Time So You Can Watch the NCAA Tournament

Many compare this Thursday and Friday in March, when the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament begins, to the likes of Christmas or your birthday.  Frankly, this seems a gross hyperbole.  To compare today and tomorrow to those venerated holidays demeans the importance and the joy of 64 teams going head to head in a do-or-die battle for basketball supremacy.  These next two days are better than Christmas, your birthday, and every other holiday combined.  The raw emotion.  The way destinies can change in the amount of time it takes to hit a half-court shot at the buzzer.  The ups, the downs, and everything in between aggregate to an emotional rollercoaster built for the resolute, but invariably, when the ride is over, is remembered as the greatest ride of your life.

The only problem with the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, is that it is not officially recognized as a National Holiday.  Is this un-American?  Probably.  Would this writer vote for any presidential candidate who promised to make it one?  Absolutely.  But as it is, how can you fit in the time this Thursday and Friday to watch all 32 games?  Our answer—PrintBoss.

PrintBoss saves you time and money automating your check printing process.  Do you print checks from more than one bank account?  Then you need PrintBoss.  PrintBoss allows you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  Unlike when you print QuickBooks checks onto preprinted check stock, when you use PrintBoss, you can print all of your checks onto the same check stock, no matter from what bank account they are printing.  Just click print in QuickBooks and the information will be passed to PrintBoss, which will automatically print the MICR line and all other check data onto the blank check stock.  PrintBoss knows which bank information to print on which check.  Just carry one blank check stock and print all accounts to it.

By printing invoices, purchase orders, and other accounting documents to PrintBoss, they will automatically be archived on your computer or network.  Don’t waste time printing and manually filing accounting documents in your office.  PrintBoss can even password protect your documents for increased security.

In the end, all of this time saving will allow you to watch more of the NCAA tournament.  Don’t waste your time running around the office sorting through various check stocks and filing documents.  Let PrintBoss handle all that.  You just sit back and enjoy the greatest two days of the year.

Download our 30-day Free Trial today and experience the savings when you print check to blank check stock.