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Print QuickBooks Checks to Blank Check Stock and Save

We’re three days into April.  The air outside is a tinge warmer and the quasi-humorous April Fools office pranks inside have been cleaned up.  All that leaves is the doom and gloom of April 15th, tax time.  For many of you, taxes may already be filed.  For others, an extension may be in place.  For still others, you may be in a mad rush to get your paperwork in.  Regardless, tax time is stressful for all bookkeepers and accountants.  If only there was some way to manage this tax time mess better…

Well, there is.  It’s called PrintBoss.  PrintBoss allows you to save time and money by printing QuickBooks checks.  It does this by enabling you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  This may seem like a simple idea, and it is, but it has grand implications.

By using blank check stock, you save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks.  This will ease the pain of ordering new checks especially when cash can be strapped during tax time.  Blank checks will also save you the hassle of inventorying different check stock for every bank account.  PrintBoss allows you to print the MICR line on your checks, including bank account number and routing number.  Thus you can store one blank check stock and print from all bank accounts to the one stock.  Furthermore, PrintBoss will keep track of check numbers for each bank account.  No more worrying about which stock is in the printer and which check number you are on.

Nothing is worse than having to sign each and every check that you print.  PrintBoss can solve that problem too.  With encrypted signature files, PrintBoss will automatically print QuickBooks checks with signatures.  Governed by preset rules, PrintBoss knows which signatures to print on checks of certain amounts for certain bank accounts.

We know how stressful tax time accounting can be.  So make it easier on yourself and print QuickBooks checks with PrintBoss to save time and money.  Check out other PrintBoss features that will make your holiday season more bearable and then try out our 30 day FREE trial.