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Print QuickBooks Checks From Blank Check Stock

We’ve all had the onerous task of ordering QuickBooks checks.  Long ago, circa 1990, my lovely wife came home from a long day as an accountant for a financial services company.  “How was your day,” I asked, though it was a bit obvious as she slumped down into the chair next to me.

“I feel like I spent all day shopping for black heels,” she said.

I had no idea what that meant, so I asked her which mall she had gone to.  She chuckled slightly and explained that she hadn’t actually shopped for black heels, but rather she had spent all day buying and sorting various check stocks.  Each stock pertained either to a certain client or department of her company.  Like black heels, all the QuickBooks checks are the same.  “But like the ubiquitous shoes,” she said, “we all carry tons of them.  Even accounts that only require a dozen checks a year fill our closets and drawers since I can’t order less than 250 at a time.  Consider I have a dozen of these accounts and you can see that I am bursting with various check stocks.  Life would be so much better if I had just one.”

More than 20 years later this same infirmity plagues accountants ordering QuickBooks checks every day, but there is a solution: PrintBoss.  PrintBoss allows you to use a single blank check stock for ALL accounts. Not only will it print the correct bank information for a properly formatted check, but it can customize the QuickBooks checks to help individualize them. Instead of blue checks for A/P and green checks for Payroll, why not have a legend across the top of the internal advice copy? Or to distinguish between different companies, have a gentle watermark behind the advice – it’s clear but doesn’t interfere with the data.  Plus, you don’t have to do any extra steps to print these unique checks. Leaving the one blank stock in the printer, PrintBoss does all the work for you, saving you time and money.

When I told my wife we had solved her “black heels” problem with PrintBoss and consequently she never needed to go shopping for shoes again, she just laughed.  “I’m glad I’m finished ordering QuickBooks checks, but I’m never finished shopping for shoes.”

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