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  • Recapping QuickBooks Connect 2014: The Power of We

    "Change Me into the power of WE."  This was the overarching theme of QuickBooks Connect 2014, which concluded Wednesday night with a memorable concert by Train in the reconfigured main stage in the San Jose convention center. What a way to end a great conference that served as a way for accounting professionals, developers, and small businesses alike to come together with intuit in a manner that hasn't been done since...well ever.

    The unique format spanned Monday to Wednesday.  Accounting professionals interested in a QuickBooks "deep dive" arrived on Monday for classes that delved into QuickBooks subjects ranging from data file integrity, to tax time preparation, to advanced reporting capability to name a few.  Developers were there early as well with many participating in the Intuit sponsored "hack-a-thon," in which teams competed for cash prizes developing new QBO apps with a recently released QB API. Imitating the current hot show "shark tank," teams were then judged by panelists, peers, and experts in a pressure cooking final day with a winner being chosen at the conclusion. The winning team came from Method CRM who created a clever app to simplify charitable donations for non-profit users of QBO.

    The final day saw close to 4,000 attendees flowing through the San Jose convention center. Keynote and closing speakers included the likes of Magic Johnson, Martha Stewart, Giuliana Rancic, and Ariana Huffington. Each spoke about his or her journey as entrepreneurs overcoming obstacles, working harder than they ever thought possible, and experiencing the ultimate reward of starting a business that became both profitable and sustainable.  A special note has to be made touting the opening and closing remarks by Sekou Harris the poet/motivational speaker whose ability to weave inspiration and invoicing, emotion and accounting, and passion and purchase orders so seemlessly was mind blowing to say the least.

    Intuit is working to help accountants and end users alike "change me into the power of we" through its software offerings and pro advisor program.  Both are designed to empower each group to save time and money, which Intuit asserts will enable everyone to focus their efforts on the things they do best, thus adding value to their businesses.

  • Improve Your QuickBooks Use at QuickBooks Connect and Solutions14 Conferences

    The next month is a big month for the QuickBooks market.  With the QuickBooks Connect conference happening next week in sunny San Jose, CA, to be followed less than a month later by the Solutions14 conference by the Sleeter Group, the next month should provide amble opportunity to learn and discover the benefits of QuickBooks and its add-on market.

    In preparation for these next 30 days, we thought we’d take a little space to discuss the two conferences coming up, what we’re excited about, and how this impacts you.

    QuickBooks Connect 2014

    With pre-conference seminars beginning this upcoming Monday, the QuickBooks Connect conference is just around the corner.  The beauty of the Connect conference is that it is designed not only for accountants, but for all small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Intuit prides itself on delivering a wide range of tools to the SMB market that go beyond debits and credits.  From classes on developing innovation to how to use social media in your marketing, QuickBooks Connect has seminars for everyone.  Combine that with the impressive keynote speakers on deck like Martha Stewart, Giuliana Rancic, and Magic Johnson, as well as musical headliner, Train, it’s clear QuickBooks Connect is one conference you don’t want to miss.

    Solutions14 by The Sleeter Group

    We’re less than a month away from Solutions14 in Las Vegas, NV.  Like last year, the conference will be held at Caesar’s Palace on the strip.  Over the last few years, Sleeter has expanded its conference by making it not so QuickBooks centric (though QB is still the “Diamond” exhibitor) by inviting other host accounting software like Sage and Xero to share some of the spotlight.  This wider market, along with the many add-on software also in the exhibit hall (like us at Wellspring Software!), give attendees a great opportunity to gain a clear understanding of what is happening in the accounting industry.  You can always count on the Sleeter Group to highlight top trends and technology in the market with keynote addresses and tech focused seminars like “Is Bitcoin your future?”

    Both of these conferences provide accountants and small businesses a clearer understanding of what is currently available in the market, what’s coming down the pipeline, and best practices to improve efficiency and increase profits. We look forward to seeing you at either conference!

  • Learning from the Best: How the Cardinals Influence our Check Printing Software Business

    It’s October, which means that around much of the country people are gathering around their TVs and local watering holes to watch postseason baseball.  Where we’re from this is a particularly important time of year.  You see, when your hometown team has been to the NLCS the last four years, the World Series 4 of the last ten years, and won the World Series two of those years, October is more tradition than anything else.  Yes, we at Wellspring Software are very proud to say we live, work, and play in St. Louis, MO, home of the St. Louis Cardinals!

    You might not think it, but even for a check printing software company like us, there are a lot of business queues to take from the Cardinals’ history of success.  Here are four things we've learned that make the Cardinals successful and translate to making a business successful:

    1) The Cardinals play 162 games a year in the regular season.  That’s a lot of games and requires a tremendous amount of focus on team goals to maintain growth and success.  Similarly, businesses are typically open 260 days of the year.  That’s a lot of business game days.  Businesses and the people that run them must have clear goals, so they can focus each day on tasks to achieve those goals and be successful.

    2) Work, work, work.  Not a day goes by that the St. Louis Cardinals are not practicing their craft.  Jon Jay doesn’t bat .303 in the regular season just by showing up to each game.  It comes down to the amount of work and preparation put in each day.  Businesses are no different.  There’s no such thing as getting lucky in business.  A great idea can be spoiled if no work is put into it.  Even a great check printing software doesn’t sell itself.  Only by showing up each day and putting in the effort to make your business grow, will a company be successful.

    3) Whether it’s Wainwright throwing a curve, Holliday hitting a homer, or Carpenter throwing a guy out at first, it’s the Cardinals’ wide-ranging skills that makes them formidable.  Likewise, a business must have diversity in its skill sets.  While a software engineer may write great code for a check printing software, she might not write the best marketing doc.  A diversity of strengths is required to fulfill all business needs.

    4) Persistence.  A 162 game season is fraught with ups and downs.  It’s only by the persistence of the players and coaching staff that the Cardinals are able to recover from these swings and maintain success.  Whether a business is seasonal or not, swings in performance one way or the other are unavoidable.  Only by riding these ups and downs and learning from them will a business maintain an upward trend.

    The St. Louis Cardinals set the standard for success not only in baseball, but in our town.  They are a shining example of how an organization should be run and what it takes to achieve greatness.  We’re just grateful we can learn from them to improve our check printing software company…and enjoy all the parties that come with their championships!

  • Updating Operating Systems, QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Add-Ons

    This week, Microsoft introduced the newest version of its Windows operating system, Windows 10.  Though no release date has yet been announced, this is just the next installment in the ever developing world of operating systems.  For some this is exciting, while for others, new operating system versions bring with them a certain anxiety or just plain fear.  While the new OS versions have fun new features, they often require updating all the other software that you run.

    The same can be said for new versions of your QuickBooks accounting system.  As Intuit releases its “new and improved” QuickBooks versions, many of the QuickBooks add-ons you use will become obsolete without an updated version.

    It’s a cruel cycle for which small and medium size businesses pay the price.  You make one upgrade to your OS or QuickBooks and then you spend the next week figuring out how to make all your other QuickBooks add-ons work again.

    Well, at least with PrintBoss there is a simple solution.  When you have a service contract, updates are included.  Plus, you can call our support team to have them walk you through the update process.  No stress, no hassle.

    When purchased with the QuickBooks add-on, the PrintBoss service contract is only $100.  That gives you a year of both technical support and version updates.  We do not have levels of service contracts, nor do we bill by the hour.  For $100 you get unlimited service for any and all PrintBoss related issues.

    Like the software itself, the PrintBoss service contract is designed to make your life easier.  Not only does our QuickBooks add-on enable you to save time and money by printing checks onto blank check stock, but our service contract enables you to do so efficiently and without disruption of OS or QuickBooks updates.

    Try PrintBoss free for 30 days and work with our technical support team to see how quickly PrintBoss will save you time and money.

  • Why Apple Pay and other B2C Innovations Don't Translate to B2B

    Innovation in the payments industry is constantly at the forefront of tech media coverage.  The recent announcement of the Apple Pay product has thrown the tech and payments world into another tizzy.  Articles across the internet have discussed its role as currency, as well as its impact on other like products such as PayPal.  But in the end, all the hubbub surrounding Apple Pay speaks to this era’s fascination with finding the next best way to pay.

    While innovation abounds in the B2C payment field, few of these innovations pertain to the B2B market.  While credit cards or Apple Pay (virtual credit cards) may be great for buying shoes at Nordstrom’s, a business vendor is not going to incur that same 5% merchant charge for a payment from a customer.  For this reason, credit card payments have not taken hold in B2B transactions.  Similarly, virtual wallets simply don’t translate to B2B needs.

    The real issue facing all of these new payment technologies getting into the B2B market is they can’t compete with the ease, speed, and cost of the incumbent: checks.  Checks are low cost to both the payee and payor and the check payment system operated by banks and the Fed is streamlined for business.  Things like remittance statements and check clearing notices help businesses track payments.  ACH is the main competitor to checks in B2B payables, though security risks, long clearing times, and the difficulty of signing on vendors has slowed its market share growth.

    Recent developments in remote deposit technology have made check clearing even faster.  With the advent of mobile and desktop deposits, both enabled by the Check 21 Act, businesses are spending less time processing receivables and are getting their money faster.  In fact, with remote scan deposits, businesses can receive their money within minutes of making a deposit, instead of the 5-7 day lag time of 10 years ago, or the 3-5 day lag time of ACH payments.

    So what does this all mean for B2B payables?  It means that while payment innovation in the B2C market centers on credit cards and POS QR codes or apps, B2B payments are different.  B2B transactions require accurate and accessible remittance information and quick clearing for improved cash flow.  For this reason, it is the innovation in the check payments industry that has provided the greatest benefits to businesses.  By relying on the consistent and proven check banking infrastructure, increased efficiencies like remote deposit and digital clearing have improved payable processes and exchanged money faster.  Couple this innovation with the high level security measures currently surrounding check payments (i.e. signature requirements, Positive Pay, check stock chemical detection, etc.) and you can see why check payments are the most efficient B2B payment processing available.

    Experience all of these check benefits free for 30 days with the PrintBoss free trial and save time and money by printing onto blank check stock.  Learn more about PrintBoss here!

  • Print QuickBooks Checks then Go Paperless with PrintBoss Enterprise

    What do we mean when we say, “Print QuickBooks checks then go paperless?”  What we mean is that we give you the flexibility to process your payables the way you always have, but still keep a paperless office.

    Over 50% of B2B transactions are processed with checks according to the 2013 AFP Electronic Payments Survey.   In large part, this is due to the historical use and infrastructure surrounding check payments.  Accounts payable departments are designed to process check payments.  Checks are reliable, low cost, and efficient.

    Yet despite companies’ desires to pay by check, these same businesses work to make the rest of their office paperless.  From document archiving to invoicing, going paperless is not only a green initiative, but a cost saving one.

    PrintBoss is designed with this duality in mind.  PrintBoss enables you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock, saving you even more time and money in your check payments, while going paperless in the rest of your accounting procedures.  PrintBoss does this with its PrintBoss Enterprise Smart Documents feature.Paperless

    PrintBoss Smart Documents enable you to email or fax PDF copies of documents like invoices or purchase orders straight from PrintBoss.  PrintBoss will also archive PDF or Tiff copies of documents from the software to your computer or server.  What separates PrintBoss from the other QuickBooks add-ons in the market is its ability to do any of these actions dependent upon the client, automatically.

    For example, one vendor may request the purchase order be emailed when the check is sent, while another vendor wants only the check.  PrintBoss enables you to do this all in the same QuickBooks check run.  Just print a check run from QuickBooks to PrintBoss and PrintBoss will automatically print all your checks, while simultaneously sending via email (or fax) the purchase order to the client(s) who want it.  While QuickBooks alone would force you to send emails separately and individually to each client, PrintBoss manages the document distribution for you, simultaneously and automatically.

    PrintBoss can do the same with sending invoices.  You can email docs to some clients, print some for others, and fax some to the remaining, simultaneously from the same print job.  You just click print!

    Give PrintBoss Smart Documents a try free for 30 days with our PrintBoss Enterprise trial.  If you have any questions, give us a call at (800)600-6861.

  • QuickBooks Add-On Provides Better Document Distribution

    We talk a lot about the document distribution capabilities of PrintBoss.  We talk about how PrintBoss can fax, email, or archive any document that is printed through PrintBoss.  We talk about how it can do this automatically and how we call them SmartDocs.  But, you might still say, “QuickBooks can do that by itself.  Why do I need a QuickBooks add-on?”  Let us explain.

    While you are partially right, in that QuickBooks can do things like email documents and even create PDF copies of said documents (though it can’t archive them on folders it created on your computer or server), QuickBooks can’t do it to the extent and ease that PrintBoss can.  Heck, Intuit readily admits that its QuickBooks add-on marketplace is designed to fill in the feature gaps of its software.  They have put even more emphasis on the marketplace when they announced that their QuickBooks Online products would never reach feature parity with their desktop versions.  Rather, they are relying on the marketplace to achieve this parity.Smart Docs

    But back to the document distribution feature.  QuickBooks allows you to email documents to a list of email addresses.  For example, if you have 100 invoices to send to 100 clients, with QuickBooks you could import a list of email addresses and send the invoices to those emails.  But what if not all 100 clients want to receive their invoice by email?  What if a handful want it faxed and another group want it mailed?  In that case, you would have to run three separate processes with QuickBooks.  But if you printed those invoices through our QuickBooks add-on PrintBoss, PrintBoss would know which clients wanted them emailed, which wanted them faxed, and which wanted them snail mailed.  In that case, PrintBoss would only physically print those that wanted their invoice mailed and then it would email and fax straight from the PrintBoss software.  You don’t have to do a thing.  That's what makes PrintBoss SmartDocs so smart!

    PrintBoss can do all of these things simultaneously and automatically.  To save you even more time, the PrintBoss integration with QuickBooks is seamless, adding zero extra steps.  PrintBoss is designed to save you time and money and it does this as a QuickBooks add-on with its document distribution feature.

    Try distributing your documents with PrintBoss free for 30 days with our free trial.

  • QuickBooks Accountants Use PrintBoss Enterprise to Print Business Checks

    The decision of whether or not to use PrintBoss is easy.  Just ask yourself one simple question: do you print business checks from more than one bank account?  If yes, then you need PrintBoss.  But what if you not only print business checks from more than one bank account, but more than one host accounting software?  Well, then you need PrintBoss Enterprise.

    While some larger businesses do operate more than one accounting system, we’ve found that this scenario applies more often to accountants and consultants.  At QuickBooks conferences over the past few months, we have spoken with a number of QuickBooks Accountants who run into this exact issue.  It is these lucky accountants who are forced to toil in the differing intricacies of numerous accounting software.  From Peachtree, to Dynamics, to QuickBooks Accountant and beyond, accountants are required to be, if not experts, then adept at all software.

    It is for these accountants that we at Wellspring Software work to make PrintBoss Enterprise easy and affordable.  PrintBoss Enterprise has 38 standard integrations with differing host accounting software.  Furthermore, PrintBoss Enterprise gives you the flexibility to configure your business checks any way you want.  The standard form files for each host accounting software are designed to print checks in the same format as the HAS.  But with PrintBoss Enterprise you can easily change this format.  So you could print checks from 38 different host accounting software (more through custom integrations) and have all 38 check formats look different, or have them all look the same.  It’s up to you!

    The beauty of PrintBoss Enterprise is that all 38 integrations come standard with the product.  You pay a one-time price of $795 and you get unlimited bank accounts and all 38 integrations.  The idea is to simplify your business check printing so you can focus on the other complexities of your job.

    Check out the other features of PrintBoss Enterprise like emailing and archiving documents, and then try printing business checks with PrintBoss Enterprise free for 30 days with our free trial.

  • The Purpose of a QuickBooks Add-On

    QuickBooks does a lot.  All versions of it.  It’s designed to “delight” and for the most part, Intuit does a nice job delivering on that intent.  But Intuit’s blueprint for delight does not mean they include every feature and every tool that any SMB could want.  Instead, as the QuickBooks community has grown, Intuit has designed an ecosystem in which it provides the core software, but then creates an infrastructure in which third-party developers can add feature rich QuickBooks add-ons to the ecosystem.  It is from this Intuit Marketplace that QuickBooks users can expand and improve their QuickBooks capabilities with QuickBooks add-ons like PrintBoss.  In the end, it is QuickBooks plus its add-ons together that truly delight.

    Check printing is a perfect example of how when QuickBooks as combined with a QuickBooks add-on like PrintBoss, the process becomes much less expensive and more efficient.  QuickBooks alone provides a check printing function.  The problem is that it is expensive and if you print checks from more than one bank account, it is time consuming.  QuickBooks only allows you to print checks onto pre-printed check stock.  Intuit sells this stock for $328 per thousand checks.  For businesses that print checks from more than one bank account, this means buying separate stock for each account and switching them out as they process check runsSecurity key lock with businessman

    As a QuickBooks add-on, PrintBoss improves this process.  PrintBoss allows you to print checks onto blank check stock.  Not only does this check stock cost a fraction of the Intuit pre-printed stock (PrintBoss checks cost $60 per thousand), but PrintBoss also allows you to use only one check stock for all of your bank accounts.

    PrintBoss Select and PrintBoss Enterprise were designed to work specifically with QuickBooks.  Their seamless integrations, unlimited bank accounts, and simple check format configurations are just a few examples of how PrintBoss as a QuickBooks add-on delights QuickBooks users.

    As Intuit focuses on its QuickBooks Online product, the software giant has made it clear that it will not strive for parity between QBO and its desktop versions.  Intuit is relying on the market to build QuickBooks add-ons to add features to QBO.  This online model puts even more emphasis on QuickBooks add-ons to cont
    ribute to customer delight.

    We are happy to say that no matter which version of QuickBooks you use, from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Accountant, to QuickBooks Online, PrintBoss works with them all and can save you time and money in your check printing.

    Try PrintBoss for free for 30 days with our free trial.  Or visit us in the QuickBooks Marketplace.  If you have any questions, email us at or call us at (800)600-6861.

  • QuickBooks Connect and Printing QuickBooks Checks from the Cloud

    Are you going to the QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose, CA October 21-23?  If you plan to miss it, or haven’t heard of it, we suggest you look into it.  The conference itself is only a day and a half, but is bookended by QuickBooks training sessions covering everything from QuickBooks and Excel, to tax time and QuickBooks.  This is the first end user conference Intuit has put on for the QuickBooks market since the 2007 conference in Dallas, Texas.

    The beauty of the 2014 rendition in San Jose is that Intuit is structuring the conference not only for accountants and bookkeepers, but for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Intuit has defined sessions by four categories: Accountant, Entrepreneur, Small Business, and Developer.  The agenda then defines sessions by which category or categories apply.  Attendees have the option to go to any number of sessions per time period.  This gives businesses the opportunity to bring several employees from different departments to not only learn but network.QB Connect

    As always, collaboration and network building are key components of the conference.  With breaks around the coffee machines and among the exhibitors in the exhibit hall, attendees will not only have a chance to mingle with each other, but get to see what is happening in the QuickBooks marketplace.  All exhibitors at QuickBooks Connect have to work with the QuickBooks Online API.  This is part of Intuit’s push to get users to the Cloud with QuickBooks Online.  Despite this push from the accounting software giant, QuickBooks users have maintained their loyalty and trust in the desktop versions.  Nonetheless, Intuit remains determined to move the market online.

    Here at Wellspring Software, we are excited that no matter which way QuickBooks users go, to the cloud or remaining with desktop, they can all use PrintBoss to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  With our integration as a printer driver, PrintBoss can connect with all versions as long as they have access to a printer.  This way everyone who prints QuickBooks checks from more than one bank account can save time and money
    by printing from all accounts onto one check stock.

    If you’re heading to San Jose in October, let us know because we would love to meet you, hear about your business, and talk about your QuickBooks check printing needs.  In the meantime, or if you don’t plan on attending QuickBooks Connect, try PrintBoss for free for 30 days with our free trial!

    We look forward to seeing everyone in California!

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