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  • A Premier QuickBooks Add-On (Part II)

    Last week we began looking at what distinguishes one QuickBooks add-on from the next.  Specifically we were investigating check printing softwares in this realm.  We laid out how any QuickBooks add-on should be designed to save you time and money.  PrintBoss, as we noted goes a step further than this to also increase your check printing security.  In does this in large part due to its ability to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  Read last week’s blog here.

    But there are other features that make PrintBoss a premier QuickBooks add-on.

    One is ACH file creation.  As a QuickBooks add-on, PrintBoss can create ACH files simultaneously as it prints checks.  So for any vendor or employee that prefers to be paid by means of ACH, such as an employee requesting direct deposit, PrintBoss will automatically create the correct file.  This means that by clicking print for a check run, PrintBoss knows which accounts to print checks for and for which to create ACH files.  This saves you the fuss, confusion, and time spent making sure each employee has what they want.  With the PrintBoss QuickBooks add-on, just click print and everyone will get what they want, a check or an ACH file, every time.

    Another feature that makes PrintBoss a premier QuickBooks add-on is its archiving ability.  PrintBoss Enterprise can create, name and file PDFs automatically.  Just by clicking print, PrintBoss will name the file by data within the document, such as the invoice number, document date, or payee.  It will then automatically archive the file on your network.  It will even create new folders if a folder does not already exist for the payee.  The saves you time and inventory space as countless filing cabinets can be given to Goodwill.

    As a check printing QuickBooks add-on, PrintBoss can provide you the highest level of check security available with positive pay file creation.  The PrintBoss positive pay feature extracts and formats data from the check report to your bank’s specifications.  These specifications usually include: amount, payee, date, etc.  With the PrintBoss positive pay feature, check fraud is completely eliminated.

    These are just some of the features that make PrintBoss a premier QuickBooks add-on.  Visit the rest of our website and download our 30-day free trial to learn more about PrintBoss and what it can do for your business.

  • A Premier QuickBooks Add-On

    PrintBoss started over 20 years ago with the simple idea to save people time and money by allowing them to print their own checks onto blank check stock.  Over the years, this goal has not changed.  Now, other goals have been added on as more features have been added to the software, but this fundamental objective is still at the heart of our business.  In an effort to accomplish this goal further, we created an integration between PrintBoss and QuickBooks to become a certified QuickBooks add-on.  As such, we knew we could reach more companies, particularly the small to mid-sized businesses.

    So what exactly does PrintBoss do as a QuickBooks add-on?  There’s a long answer to this question and a short answer.  The short answer is that as a QuickBooks add-on, PrintBoss does exactly what we set out to do, save you time and money, while increasing security by allowing you to print checks onto blank check stock.  The longer answer resides in the descriptions of the features PrintBoss provides.

    As mentioned, the most fundamental feature provided by PrintBoss is the check printing feature.  QuickBooks allows you to only print checks onto preprinted check stock.  This causes a multitude of complications and expenses.  For one, preprinted QuickBooks checks cost at least 80% more than blank check stock.  Furthermore, preprinted checks require you to swap out check stocks for every bank account from which you print checks.  So if you have 5 different bank accounts, then you need five different check stocks.  This can cause headaches as check numbers can get out of order.  You also will run into general inventory frustrations.  With blank check stock, you have one stock for all of you bank accounts.  Not only is it less expensive than preprinted stock, but you never have to worry about printing on the wrong stock or getting your check numbers out of order.  Blank check stock also increases your security as none of your bank information can be stolen from your unused stock, as your routing and account numbers only appear on the stock after you print them.

    Stay tuned next week for the other features that make PrintBoss a premier QuickBooks add-on…

  • What To Look For In A Check Printing Software

    If you Google the term “check printing software” (and maybe that is exactly what you did and have thus arrived here…in which case welcome!) you are bombarded with all different kinds of webpages, ads, and softwares.  So how do you sort through the nonsense and objectively rate the worthwhile results?

    Given your search enquiry, we assume you are looking for a piece of software that can print accounting checks for either businesses or personal accounts.  Either you are new to this and aren’t using anything currently, or your current software just isn’t cutting it and you need something more.  Whichever you are, choosing the best check printing software is important as the right software can save you time and money, while the wrong software can disrupt your payment processing, causing more problems that is solves.

    So how do you value a check printing software?  First, it must work with whatever accounting package you are using.  Many accounting packages claim to offer check printing solutions, but the truth is that if they were any good, you wouldn’t be searching for check printing softwares.  For most accounting packages, the check printing function is limited and cumbersome.  Even more, it often costs you more to print with it due to the types of checks you purchase with it, but more on that in a second.  So first and foremost, make sure it integrates with your accounting package.

    Second, does it save you money?  Many aspects play into the answer to this question.  Everything from the cost of the software, to the features it provides, to the recurring costs associated with using the software.  Check printing softwares range in their purchase prices.  Like many things in life, there is often a misperception that when something costs more, it is better.  In the check printing software world, this is not the case.  It is less about the price tag of the software and more about the features it provides.  Can it print checks onto blank check stock?  This is a big consideration for cost as blank check stock can save you 80% on the cost of preprinted checks.  Also, how much is the service contract?  All of these play a role when considering cost.

    Finally, and maybe more than anything else, you must look at the features of the software.  Does the software support unlimited bank accounts?  Can it print electronic signatures?  Can it print to different printers and trays within an office or a network?  Can it create positive pay files?  What about ACH files?  Can you set employee logins and restrictions?  And how integrated is the check printing software with your accounting package?  A check printing software should have at least all of these features and much, much more…and it shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars.

  • An Electronic Payment Software for Every Business

    More and more businesses nowadays are accepting and processing electronic payments.  Whether paying vendors or employees, companies are finding it easier to manage these payment types.  But the issue still stands, how do you process these payments?  Are there electronic payment software’s out there that can enable you to process your payables electronically?

    The answer is yes: PrintBoss.  Among its many features, PrintBoss is an electronic payment software.  It integrates with a plethora of accounting softwares, including QuickBooks.  So how does it do it?

    PrintBoss processes electronic payments two different ways.  The first is through ACH file creation.  For any client, PrintBoss can create ACH payment files.  This feature is both NACHA and Canadian Bank approved, so PrintBoss can generate ACH files for both US and Canadian payments.  The great part about PrintBoss is that it can process both live check and ACH payments, in the same run.  Just process your payables normally and PrintBoss will handle the rest.  For those companies signed up to receive check payment, PrintBoss will print a live check.  For those who have been approved for ACH payment, PrintBoss will automatically create an ACH file and no check will print.  Just click print and PrintBoss will handle the rest.  It’s an electronic payment software that knows what you want.

    The second method of electronic payment that PrintBoss offers is through our partnership with the globalVCard paysystems.  This innovative electronic payment solution allows a company to upload a single payment file from its accounts payable system and disburse multiple vendor payments with a click of a button.  The beauty of it is that like the ACH file creation feature, PrintBoss can process globalVCard, live check, and ACH payments all in the same run.  PrintBoss knows which clients get which types of payment and acts accordingly.  This saves you and your business time and money by eliminating the excess paperwork and hassle of processing multiple payment types.  Just click print and your payables are processed.  Learn more about the globalVCard paysystems here.

    Try our 30-day free trial to see how the PrintBoss electronic payment software can help you process your payables faster and easier.

  • QuickBooks Business Checks Made Easy

    A lot of what we do here at Wellspring Software surrounds printing QuickBooks business checks.  This may not be surprising as this is a large and varied process.  There are many components that go into processing QuickBooks business checks.  There are even many ways to go about printing QuickBooks business checks…but that is not to say that all ways are equal.  Some ways are better than others, but PrintBoss is better than them all.

    For starters, there are many different methods to print checks.  Intuit will tell you that you have to print checks onto preprinted check stock.  That would mean that every bank account from which or company for which you print checks would require its own check stock.  This can become not only expensive by cumbersome as you must then inventory all these different check stocks.  The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to use preprinted checks.  With PrintBoss, you can print QuickBooks business checks onto blank check stock.  This saves you 80% on the cost of preprinted checks as well as the hassle of changing checks out, keeping track of check numbers, and inventorying countless check stocks.

    Furthermore, there are security considerations with QuickBooks business checks.  From the paper itself to the software used to print the checks, it is important to maintain security throughout your check printing.  By using blank check stock, there is no risk of someone stealing your bank information from your unused check stock.  As preprinted QuickBooks business checks have your address, routing and account numbers on the unused stock, this is a liability.  PrintBoss also provides security through its signature printing feature, as well as its ability to create positive pay forms for a completely secure method of check printing.

    Printing QuickBooks business checks is an essential process of many companies.  As such, why not make it less expensive and more secure?  By using PrintBoss you accomplish both of these while adding zero extra keystrokes.

    Try our 30-day free trial to experience the ease and security of PrintBoss today.

  • MICR Check Printing: Despite New Tech it Continues to Drive Business

    Many have claimed over the past ten or so years that MICR check printing is going the way of the Dodo.  Their argument is that technology will push check writing out.  New forms of payment processing like PayPal or ACH or just basic EFT will fully usurp the space that check payments currently fill.  But, despite these assurances, MICR check printing remains a staple of B2B transactions.

    What’s the reason?  For some it is habit.  It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks, especially when those old dogs are 100 year old companies that have been writing checks for decades.  Even more so, these old dogs’ accounting departments and processes are centered on MICR check printing.  Change would require restructuring accounting and nobody wants to do that.  For others it is the fear of the unknown.  They’ve never used ACH and don’t trust PayPal.  For them, why fix something that ain’t broke?  And they have a point.

    But there is a bigger reason that MICR check printing is still around.  It’s easy and secure.   There is security in the simplicity of the check process, as writing, signing and sending checks leaves little room for fraud.  But even still, check fraud does exist.  By simply stealing an unused box of preprinted check stock, financial hooligans can get your address, account number and routing number.  Also check forgery, by the false duplication of a company’s checks can be a security issue.  There are other security issues that actually exist within companies.  Personnel issues and setting employee rights within the accounting process can affect bank account security.

    The good news is that PrintBoss solves all of these MICR check printing security issues and more.  By allowing you to print QuickBooks checks on blank check stock, where none of your bank information appears on the check until you print it, storing checks become not only safer but less expensive.  By using toner grip paper with micro-printing and printing watermark images on the checks makes forgery impossible.  Also, PrintBoss allows you to set employee rights within each account.  So use one check stock for all your bank accounts and be more secure doing it.

    MICR check printing will probably someday become extinct but more like fossil fuels than the Dodo.  It will take a long while to restructure the system and habits of corporations.  In the meantime, make MICR check printing easier, cheaper, and more secure by using PrintBoss.  The great thing is that if you do want to start to transition to other payment methods like ACH or ePay, PrintBoss can help you do that too.

    Try our 30-day free trial to see how PrintBoss can help your business.  Looking for MICR toner, click here to view our wide selection of HP toners (please note you will be taken to

  • Print QuickBooks Checks and Save

    Print QuickBooks checks with PrintBoss and save time and money, while increasing security. It’s as simple as that, but those are fundamental benefits of using PrintBoss with QuickBooks. PrintBoss helps automate your QuickBooks check printing process, while at the same time enabling you to print on blank check stock, which saves you money and adds security to your check printing process.

    When you print QuickBooks checks with PrintBoss, you can preset payment methods. With an unlimited number of bank accounts, PrintBoss can know, from account settings, which checks should be printed from which bank accounts. By printing on blank check stock, you don’t have to worry about trading in and out different stocks depending on which account you are writing checks from. Use one stock and PrintBoss will format the checks, including the MICR line, to your specifications. So just run your accounts payable and click print and PrintBoss will print every check from the correct account, with the correct MICR line, in the correct format. No more worrying about check numbers either, as PrintBoss keeps track of them and will print them accordingly. Not to mention, printing on blank check stock allows for check numbers to only be used when they are printed. No more incorrect checks messing with your check numbers.

    Do you pay some vendors through ACH payments? No problem. PrintBoss knows when to print QuickBooks checks and when to create ACH files in the same check run. Just click print and for the vendors listed to be paid via ACH, PrintBoss will create an ACH file in the way specified by your bank. All you have to do is send it. For all the other accounts that are to be paid with a check, PrintBoss will print one off.

    Print QuickBooks checks with blank check stock and save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks as well.

    With PrintBoss, printing QuickBooks checks was never so easy.

  • Hosting QuickBooks and QuickBooks Add-Ons

    Many want the convenience of being able to access their QuickBooks accounting data anytime and anywhere.  But oftentimes they also want the robust functionality of the desktop version of QuickBooks. They also may use several third party products (QuickBooks add-ons) to provide additional features and functionality. Due to these requirements, they aren’t ready or able to go to QuickBooks Online, which is actually a completely different version of the software – not just QuickBooks “in the cloud”. A solution then is a hosting services provider.

    A hosting services provider can offer purchased license or can lease a client a license for software. Some of the advantages of the leased license is that it includes updates, maintenance, and provides a smaller, spread out cost of software versus a large all-at-once cost to purchasing. This helps with budgeting IT costs. With most hosting providers it is also easy to scale up or down as needed with per user per month type licenses.

    Connection to the software is via RDC or Citrix and can be done from a variety of devices, including several Apple products. Of course, these services can have multiple QuickBooks companies. Simultaneous multiple-user access is also possible. This is very helpful if working with an accountant or other QuickBooks professional – no need to email files or share via dropbox only to have to worry about updating/overwriting changes.

    Additional benefits of hosting services include more security than what is available at most SMBs, such as: routine data backups, server and OS maintenance, Windows and virus protection updates, and power redundancies. Security often includes closed circuit video monitoring of the facility, strict limitations on physical access to the facility (Right Networks has “biometric bone-scanning identity verification systems” – how many SMBs have those?!!), smoke detectors & fire suppressant systems, as well as up to date data encryption, firewall protection, & virus prevention software.

    Among the top rated hosting providers are RightNetworks® and InsynQ®. Both are Intuit authorized commercial hosts, providing QuickBooks for as little as $49 per month per user.  They also host several other QuickBooks add-ons, one of which is PrintBoss, a QuickBooks check printing software.  PrintBoss can be licensed through either hosting provider on a subscription basis, or purchased directly and placed on a local machine. Given the small $150 price tag of PrintBoss Select, most users choose to purchase the software outright and run it with their hosted software.  If utilizing the emailing capabilities of PrintBoss to email via Microsoft Outlook, PrintBoss must be located where Outlook is installed.

    Visit RightNetworks® and InsynQ® to learn more about hosting QuickBooks and try our free 30-day trial of PrintBoss to see how printing checks onto blank check stock makes business easier.

  • Print QuickBooks Checks From Blank Check Stock

    We’ve all had the onerous task of ordering QuickBooks checks.  Long ago, circa 1990, my lovely wife came home from a long day as an accountant for a financial services company.  “How was your day,” I asked, though it was a bit obvious as she slumped down into the chair next to me.

    “I feel like I spent all day shopping for black heels,” she said.

    I had no idea what that meant, so I asked her which mall she had gone to.  She chuckled slightly and explained that she hadn’t actually shopped for black heels, but rather she had spent all day buying and sorting various check stocks.  Each stock pertained either to a certain client or department of her company.  Like black heels, all the QuickBooks checks are the same.  “But like the ubiquitous shoes,” she said, “we all carry tons of them.  Even accounts that only require a dozen checks a year fill our closets and drawers since I can’t order less than 250 at a time.  Consider I have a dozen of these accounts and you can see that I am bursting with various check stocks.  Life would be so much better if I had just one.”

    More than 20 years later this same infirmity plagues accountants ordering QuickBooks checks every day, but there is a solution: PrintBoss.  PrintBoss allows you to use a single blank check stock for ALL accounts. Not only will it print the correct bank information for a properly formatted check, but it can customize the QuickBooks checks to help individualize them. Instead of blue checks for A/P and green checks for Payroll, why not have a legend across the top of the internal advice copy? Or to distinguish between different companies, have a gentle watermark behind the advice – it’s clear but doesn’t interfere with the data.  Plus, you don’t have to do any extra steps to print these unique checks. Leaving the one blank stock in the printer, PrintBoss does all the work for you, saving you time and money.

    When I told my wife we had solved her “black heels” problem with PrintBoss and consequently she never needed to go shopping for shoes again, she just laughed.  “I’m glad I’m finished ordering QuickBooks checks, but I’m never finished shopping for shoes.”

    Try PrintBoss free for 30-days.

  • Check 21 and Printing QuickBooks Checks

    We’ve had a lot of people ask us about Check 21 (officially known as The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act).  What is it?  Is it secure?  Do I still have to print with MICR toner?  Will PrintBoss help me manage this confusing legislation while printing my QuickBooks checks?

    So what is Check 21?  Check 21 is a federal law designed to enable banks to handle check payments electronically.  The idea behind the law is to make check processing faster and more efficient.  Before Check 21 was enacted in 2004, the bank where a check was deposited had to physically transfer the check or checks to the bank that would pay them.  Now with the Check 21 legislation, banks can take a picture of the front and back of a check and send it, along with the associated payment information, electronically to the bank that will pay it.  If either bank requires a physical copy of the check, a “substitute check” can be printed from the pictures taken.  This saves the banks and us the expense of transporting the checks between banks, as well as the associated time.  This also allows for you to receive back your check with your bank statements.  Check 21 stipulates that any agreement between a bank and its client must continue to be upheld.  By law, banks can return either a substitute check or the original check to you, but this is typically agreed upon between you and your bank which will be returned.

    What about security?  Electronic payment transfer has been around a lot longer than Check 21 has.  All payment information sent between banks is processed via secure technology that has been tested and proven secure.  Print your QuickBooks checks with no fear.

    Do I still need to use MICR toner?  Although few institutions, including banks, still use Magnetic Ink Character Recognition to process checks (desk top MICR readers used by paycheck cashing services are among the remaining dinosaurs), Check 21 still stipulates that magnetic ink is to be used for the MICR line.  This is where PrintBoss helps you print QuickBooks checks in accordance with Check 21.  PrintBoss will print your MICR line accurately and in accordance with Check 21 (just make sure a MICR toner cartridge is loaded in your printer) onto blank check stock every time with no extra clicks.  It can provide positive pay files as well, among a number of other security features.  Click here to learn more about PrintBoss and its features.

    To visit the official Check 21 Federal Reserve FAQs webpage, click here.

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