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November Employment Stats Show Boost from Small Businesses

Sometimes it can be hard to define success.  We run analytics, set budgets, and crunch metrics in an effort to set goals from which we can base our company’s success.  But are those the right goals?  It can often feel, as a small business owner, that you are on an island, alone trying to navigate the tumultuous small business seas.

If you’ve ever felt like that, we have good news—you’re doing something right!  An article on CNN discussed how ADP just produced a report saying that private sector employers added 215,000 new jobs in November.  102,000 of those jobs were added by small businesses (companies with less than 50 employees), while only 65,000 were added by large companies (over 500 employees).

Small business is doing its part.  It can sometimes feel like you are alone out there trying to survive, so it’s nice to know that together we are making a difference…a big difference.  It’s often said that small business is the engine behind our economy.  This ADP report, we think, proves this.  The projected November unemployment rate is assumed to be around 7.2%, so we still have a ways to go to get back to a healthy economy, but it is clear that the driving force behind that healing is small businesses.

Here’s to all of us working seemingly alone, but collectively making change happen!