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MICR check printing

  • MICR Check Printing and QuickBooks

    For nearly 25 years, Wellspring Software has helped small and medium sized businesses print checks from multiple bank accounts onto blank check stock.  This is also called MICR check printing.  MICR refers to the account and routing number characters printed at the bottom of all checks, which are supposed to be printed in MICR toner.  Over these past 25 years, Wellspring Software has helped over 10,000 businesses print MICR checks from their accounting package onto blank check stock.

    What is always amazing is that we meet and talk with people every day, be it on the phone or at conferences, that don’t realize MICR check printing is possible.  Even more, they don’t realize how much money they are losing printing checks onto preprinted check stock.  For those who might not be accustomed to the check business lingo, preprinted checks refer to the checks that come preprinted with the MICR line as well as your business address, bank address, and the check number.  As you are reading this article, you probably handle the check writing for your company.  In that case, you might even purchase your company check stock.  Whether you purchase it direct from your bank or from Intuit, you know that it can be expensive.  To purchase 1,000 sheets of Intuit’s high security check stock, it will cost you $327.99.  When you buy 1,000 of Wellspring Software high security blank check stock, it only costs you $60.  Those are huge savings.

    Again, many businesses don’t realize that you don’t have to print checks onto preprinted check stock.  The reason so many businesses have taken to it though, is due not only to the cost savings, but also the increased security.  PrintBoss not only provides security features in its software to protect your accounts, but it also eliminates the liability of unused preprinted check stock lying around your office with your bank information printed on the front.  For more on PrintBoss software security features, read this blog or for check stock security, read this blog.

    MICR check printing with QuickBooks is easy, secure, and inexpensive when you do it with PrintBoss.  To make it even easier, PrintBoss is only $150 and that includes 500 blank checks.  If your business prints from more than one bank account, MICR check printing is the best check payment method for you.

    Try the PrintBoss 30 day free trial to see how MICR check printing can help your business.

  • Flexibility in Your Check Printing Software

    It seems everything nowadays is about giving you more flexibility.  Our phones now email, talk, and take pictures.  Our cars have built in navigation systems, Bluetooth, and can even park themselves so you can enjoy your vanilla latte while you drive.  Even tablet computers are becoming more flexible as they can surf the web, take pictures, and be used as a book or, after you drop it in the bathtub, a paperweight.  So why wouldn't your check printing software offer you flexibility?  With PrintBoss, it does.

    There are several features in PrintBoss that give you control over how your checks look.  But no matter what check printing software you use, it should have these features:

    Check Format Flexibility

    With PrintBoss you can choose to print in three formats: stub/stub/check; check/stub/stub; and stub/check/stub.    When purchasing QuickBooks checks, these formats are more commonly known as bottom checks, top checks, and middle checks, respectively.  Through more than 23 years in the check printing software business, we've found that banks generally prefer the MICR line to be printed on the clean edge of the check, thus preferring the stub/stub/check format.  No rough, torn edges to slow down the process.   But you may have another preference, and PrintBoss gives you a choice.   You can order QuickBooks checks from Wellspring Software in any format.

    Language Settings

    PrintBoss even provides the flexibility to print QuickBooks checks in French.  With PrintBoss you can now print the check amount in words in French.  PrintBoss utilizes the Google Language translator to make it happen.

    Signature Printing

    With PrintBoss you can also choose to print a signature on your checks, automatically.  Signatures can print on every check, or based on amount limits.  The signatures are tied to a bank record so that it is easy to have different signatures for many accounts.

    Multiple Client Management

    PrintBoss gives flexibility to accountants and CPAs as well.  If you manage multiple clients, each client may have different requirements for information on their checks.  With PrintBoss you can choose different logos for each company, as well as different text to appear on each check.  There is flexibility and choice built into the Bank Profile record which defines for PrintBoss the data that should print on the check for that specific company.

    Flexibility puts you in the driver’s seat.  It lets you, the person who knows the most about your company, make decisions for your company.  PrintBoss gives you this flexibility in your check printing software.  It lets you choose how to print your QuickBooks checks.  So, choose a check printing software that is flexible, secure and easy to use.  Choose PrintBoss.

    Try our 30-day free trial to experience the benefits of a flexible check printing software.

  • Tricks and Treats of QuickBooks Checks

    Happy Halloween!  This is the one day a year when ghosts, goblins, and ghouls are all welcomed onto our front porches and we give away candy like it’s good for our children.  It’s a duplicitous day, where the line between the living and the dead becomes blurred (in part by the undead) and we constantly have to ask ourselves and others is it a trick or a treat?

    This got us thinking here at Wellspring Software that while on this hallowed day a trick or a treat means some kind of fun, in the accounting world the difference between a trick and a treat can be the difference between a profitable year and going out of business.  So we thought we would take a couple hundred words this Halloween to shed some light on what is a trick and what is a treat in the QuickBooks accounting world.

    GoblinTrick:  You can’t print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.

    pumpkinTreat:  Although QuickBooks alone does not enable you to print checks onto blank check stock, third party software supported within the QuickBooks marketplace do.  Software like PrintBoss, make it possible to do away with your different check stocks for your different bank accounts


    GoblinTrick: You can only buy check stock to use with QuickBooks from Intuit.

    pumpkinTreat: By using PrintBoss to print your check stock, you can use any blank check stock in the market.  In fact, you can save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks by purchasing blank check stock.


    GoblinTrick: QuickBooks provides all the security your check printing needs.

    pumpkinTreat: Although QuickBooks does provide a great deal of security for your accounting, when it comes to check processing, you can never have enough security.  PrintBoss adds a whole other layer of security before, during, and after the check printing process is complete.  By allowing you to store blank checks instead of preprinted checks, PrintBoss enables you to keep your bank account information secure from anyone that would steal or even just see unused check stock.  During the printing process, PrintBoss can print encrypted signature files on the checks, as well as create Positive Pay files for the most security conscious.  Following the printing process, PrintBoss check stock sold by Wellspring Software, has the latest security enabled technology, including micro printing and chemical detection.


    GoblinTrick: Useful accounting software costs a cauldron of cash.

    pumpkinTreat: PrintBoss Select for QuickBooks is only $150 and includes 500 complementary checks!

    These are just a few of the treats that PrintBoss provides.  We know that printing QuickBooks checks is an integral part of your payables processing, so don’t be fooled by the many tricks of the market and treat yourself to PrintBoss.

    Try our 30 day free trial to find out how PrintBoss can treat your company.  It’s spooky how much money and time it can save you.

  • A Check Printing Software that lets you print checks outside of QuickBooks

    As accountants, our accounting systems can sometimes take over our lives.  Everything seems to revolve around and within them.  On a personal level it is good to remember that this is not the case, that our lives are not determined by debits and credits.  But even from an accounting business perspective, there are some things that need to be handled outside of QuickBooks.  Amazingly enough, check printing is one of them and a reliable check printing software can help you do this.

    PrintBoss allows you to print checks independently of QuickBooks.  They’re called PrintBoss Hand Checks.  You might wonder why you would ever want your check printing software to print checks outside of your accounting software.  The answer is for small payments to vendors not listed in QuickBooks.

    They are used like a checkbook for paying petty cash charges such as COD amounts or purchases from a local store.  Hand Checks print with the MICR, bank information, and company information, but require the date, payee, and amount to be filled in by hand or typed in on-the-fly.  They can be used to create a VOID check to send to your bank to insure the signature and check account number will pass through properly.

    There is no limit to the number of hand check specifications you can create with PrintBoss. Each file specifies a bank, the PrintBoss form to use, and the method for numbering the checks.  You can have the same numbering sequence as your QuickBooks bank account checks.  Or you can have a separate numbering sequence.  Your choice.

    PrintBoss gives you choices on how to print your checks using QuickBooks or not.  It’s a check printing software that is flexible, secure and easy to use.  Try our 30 day free trial to see how PrintBoss can help your business today.

  • MICR Check Printing with QuickBooks Checks

    We’ve discussed a lot on this blog what is the next innovation for QuickBooks users.  From cloud computing to new payment methods, the QuickBooks landscape looking forward is exciting.  But for many QuickBooks users the next innovation is already here.  MICR check printing.  Too many businesses are using QuickBooks to print checks from preprinted check stock.  What these businesses don’t know is that this preprinted stock is more expensive and a higher security risk than blank check stock.  But the real issue is that too many businesses don’t know that certain QuickBooks add-on software enable MICR check printing on blank check stock from QuickBooks.

    The assumption by many, perpetuated by the software giant itself, is that QuickBooks does not have the ability to print the MICR line.  Therefore, QuickBooks users must purchase preprinted check stock.  In most cases this expensive check stock is purchased directly from Intuit.  But this does not need to be the case.  It is true that QuickBooks alone does not have the ability to perform MICR check printing, but QuickBooks has a lot of inabilities.  It is for this reason that Intuit has created the QuickBooks Marketplace.  This marketplace is dedicated to approved third party QuickBooks add-on software.  It is within this marketplace where you can find software like PrintBoss that enable MICR check printing.

    The beauty of PrintBoss is that it is simple, effective, and so tightly integrated with QuickBooks that most users forget they are using it once installed.  But no one forgets the benefits it provides.  It’s these benefits that make PrintBoss the next great innovation in the QuickBooks market for so many users.  MICR check printing allows companies to purchase blank check stock which can save you 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks.  MICR check printing also provides security throughout the check printing process, including before the checks are even printed and your check stock is sitting unused in inventory.  While preprinted QuickBooks checks contain your account and routing numbers on the check face, blank check stock carries neither until the checks are printed.  MICR check printing also eliminates the hassle of managing check numbers as PrintBoss does it for you, as well as allows you to use just one stock for all of your bank accounts.

    These benefits, among many others like multiple method payment processing, make MICR check printing software like PrintBoss the latest innovation for QuickBooks users.  Try the PrintBoss 30 day free trial to see how MICR check printing can innovate your business.

  • QuickBooks Check Printing with Blank Checks

    We all use QuickBooks for many purposes.  But chief among them for us and most likely for you, as you are reading this blog, is the QuickBooks check printing feature.  Why is check printing so important?  Because it enables us to pay our payables.  In other words, it enables us to keep our businesses running.  Without the services, products, and people that we employ, our companies could not exist.  All of these attributes have to get paid somehow and to-date check writing continues to be one of the most prominent methods of business payments.

    So if you are going to use QuickBooks check printing, how can you make it easier and less expensive?  As it is, purchasing preprinted QuickBooks checks is expensive (if you didn’t realize this, read on to learn how blank checks can save you money).  Furthermore, maintaining inventory of multiple check stocks from various bank accounts can be not only time consuming but can cause errors in check processing as wrong stock can be used, not only wasting paper but messing up check number chronology.

    The answer to all of these issues is easy—use blank check stock.  “But Intuit says you can’t use blank check stock with QuickBooks.”  This is a common misperception.  Although QuickBooks alone cannot print checks onto blank check stock, PrintBoss can.  PrintBoss not only prints the entire MICR line including bank account and routing numbers, but it will maintain all of this bank account information in encrypted files for as many bank accounts as you have.  To make it even easier, PrintBoss knows which bank accounts go with which companies in QuickBooks and thus will automatically print checks from the correct bank account every time.  All you have to do is process QuickBooks check printing as you normally would and PrintBoss will take care of the rest.  No extra clicks or confusion.  Just click print!

    PrintBoss eliminates the headaches of maintaining multiple check stocks and printing incorrect check numbers.  You only have to use one check stock for all of your accounts and PrintBoss manages your check numbers for you.  And as icing on the cake, blank checks save you 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks.

    QuickBooks check printing is an essential part of your accounting processes.  Why not make it easier, safer, and less expensive.  Print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock and save.

    Learn more about PrintBoss and its benefits and features here.

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