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Making QuickBooks Check Printing Easier and More Secure

We discussed last week the benefits of printing QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  Chief among them was cost.  PrintBoss offers this functionality, but there are other ways to improve your QuickBooks check printing process by using PrintBoss.  The two we will discuss today are printing checks on the bottom and security.

Print checks on the bottom: QuickBooks only allows you to print top checks (where the check is above its stubs).  This results in the MICR line being immediately above the bottom, perforated edge of the check.  Banks stipulate that the MICR line should be placed on the cleanest edge of the check.  This is to help the machines that read this MICR line.  Consequently, having the perforated edge on the bottom of the check is not optimal.  PrintBoss’ default setting is check on the bottom printing (the check is below its pay stubs).  In this manner, the MICR line is placed on the bottom, clean edge of the check, the optimal placement.  When PrintBoss is used with QuickBooks check printing, it automatically converts to bottom check printing, despite QuickBooks’ inability to print this optimal format.  With this said, if you have remaining top check paper you want to use before switching to bottom checks, PrintBoss has the flexibility to print top checks in its settings file.  When you are ready to print bottom checks, just select the default bottom check printing in settings.

Security: PrintBoss offers a battery of security features not found in QuickBooks.  Encrypted signature files can place any number of signatures on a check automatically based on preset specifications (i.e. amount, payee, account, etc.).  Add security to the printed face of your checks like secure block numeric amounts, patterns behind text, and even a stamp indicating the check number, the amount, the payee and who printed the check.  You can also password protect each account to prevent unauthorized access when printing, as well as apply permissions to your employee access.

To learn more about the PrintBoss features that make QuickBooks check printing easier and more secure, click here and scroll to the bottom.