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How Blank Check Stock Saves You Money Over QuickBooks Checks

There are a number of reasons to switch from preprinted QuickBooks checks to blank checks, but the simplest reason is cost.  The QuickBooks Secure Premier Voucher Checks sell for $347.99 per thousand on the Intuit website.  Blank checks retail for as low as $60 per thousand, with price breaks at order quantities of 4,000 checks ($50/thousand), 10,000 checks ($45/thousand), and beyond.  Even the most basic QuickBooks check retails at $189.99 per thousand.  That’s over a 300% increase on blank checks.  If your company buys 5,000 checks in a year you would save $1,489.95 with blank check stock over the QuickBooks Secure Premier Voucher checks.  And the more checks you use the bigger the savings.  Simply put, purchasing preprinted QuickBooks checks eats away at your bottom line.

Beyond cost, there are security issues with QuickBooks checks that blank check stock overcomes.  All preprinted checks, like QuickBooks checks, are printed with the routing and account numbers in the MICR line and the bank name and address on the face of the check.  This causes security problems if the checks are lost or stolen before you ever use them.  Conversely, with blank checks, the routing and account numbers are only printed onto the check when you do a check run.  Therefore, if some would be financial hooligan steals your check stock you have nothing to worry about as all they really did was steal some paper, whereas the preprinted stock they stole from your neighbor contained his bank information, which is why he is running around freezing all his bank accounts.

Which brings us to the final point of this blog: QuickBooks checks require different check stock for different bank accounts, while blank check stock can be used for any number of bank accounts.  This has a dual impact as it leads once again to higher costs and stocking issues as you have to store the check stocks somewhere.  With blank check stock you by one stock, store it in one place, and then print checks from any bank account onto it.  It’s simple, easy and affordable.

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