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How A QuickBooks Add-On Helps You Print Checks

The Intuit Marketplace is filled with helpful third party QuickBooks add-ons.  These add-ons do everything from order management, to inventory, to customer management.  They can also help you print checks.  This is what we like to talk about, as PrintBoss is a check printing software.  What most people don’t realize is that while you can print checks from QuickBooks, you can do it more inexpensively and with greater security with a QuickBooks add-on like PrintBoss.  Let us explain.

While QuickBooks can print checks, it can only do so onto preprinted check stock.  This means that the bank information (account and routing numbers) and check numbers are already printed on the stock when you purchase it.  Purchasing this preprinted check stock from QuickBooks costs at least 80% more than buying blank checks.  It also increases security risk, as unused check stock contains sensitive financial information that if taken could result in check fraud.  PrintBoss eliminates these extra costs and risks.  PrintBoss prints checks from QuickBooks onto blank check stock.  You print checks as you normally do in QuickBooks, and with no extra steps added, PrintBoss receives the information and prints the MICR line, check number, and all other necessary information onto the check.  Better yet, unused blank check stock has no sensitive bank information and thus is not a security risk.

Many businesses don’t even realize that they could print checks onto blank check stock.  That’s why we love the Intuit Marketplace.  It provides QuickBooks users, like yourself, an opportunity to discover new products and techniques to improve their companies.  That’s also the great thing about being a check printing software QuickBooks add-on, most businesses print checks, so most businesses will find utility and cost savings in PrintBoss.  If your company prints checks from more than one bank account, then you need PrintBoss.  The Intuit Marketplace provides PrintBoss the manner in which to reach all of the QuickBooks users.

As a QuickBooks add-on, PrintBoss is designed to enable your business to save time and money, and increase security within your accounting department.  Visit us in the Intuit Marketplace or browse the rest of our website to learn more about printing QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.

Try our 30-day free trial to use it yourself.  This is a fully functioning version, meaning you can print checks with no “demo copy” printed on the check face.