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Experience A Master QuickBooks Add-On During Masters Week

It’s Masters Week and believe it or not, there’s a close link between the major of Majors and QuickBooks add-ons.  Arriving on the heels of a spectacular NCAA tournament, the Masters provides a smooth segue, a change of pace into the warm summer months.  Masters Week marks the true beginning of spring.  The lush Bermuda and Rye grass, the colorful azaleas, the quiet clap of a reverent gallery all help make the Masters what it is.  But as beautiful as those things are, it is still the golf that makes the Masters the most respected golf tournament in the world.

It’s the precision, agility and power of the world’s best that makes it worth watching.  And when you think about it, these are the same qualities that make up a “Master” QuickBooks add-on.  To truly be considered a master in its field, a QuickBooks add-on must be able to deliver precisely what you want, have the agility to perform multiple tasks to support your multiple needs, and have the power to do all of this quickly, if not simultaneously.

Happily, we know of a Masters QuickBooks add-on that fits this exact description—PrintBoss.  PrintBoss provides all the tools your business needs to be successful.  At its foundation, PrintBoss is a check printing software.  It enables you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  This saves you time and money, while increasing your check security.  Blank checks cost at least 80% less than preprinted checks AND you only need to buy one stock even if you are going to print checks from 100 difference bank accounts.  Think of the savings that provides.  And it does this while adding zero extra steps to how you normally print checks from QuickBooks.  You just click print and PrintBoss takes care of the rest.  It’s that precise.

PrintBoss’ agility is found in its ability to perform multiple functions.  Not only does PrintBoss print checks, but it can print signatures onto those checks.  It can also create Positive Pay files for the highest security.  If you want to pay an employee or vendor electronically it can also create an ACH file.  It can even archive your accounting documents.  PrintBoss will convert them to PDFs, name them, create a folder on your network or computer, and even password protect it if you want.  It’s so agile, it does most of your job for you.

Finally, it does all of this with zero extra steps and most of it simultaneously.  So what exactly does that mean?  It means that when you have a list of bills to process in QuickBooks, you simply print a check run.  With PrintBoss selected as your printer driver, all you do is click print.  PrintBoss knows which vendors you wish to print checks for, and those for which you require ACH files.  Once the run is finished, tell PrintBoss to archive all documentation, and in a blink all of the paperwork is named and archived, with all related documents filed together (i.e. invoices and purchase orders for a client together).

Masters Week comes around only once a year.  It’s fun to watch and enjoy the precision, agility and power of the pros.  But what’s even more enjoyable is to experience that professionalism every day with PrintBoss.  Bubba Watson may be able to hit it 350 yards, but can he print checks and email invoices simultaneously?  That’s being a true pro.

Experience the professionalism yourself with the PrintBoss 30-day free trial.