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Cut Costs with QuickBooks Check Printing

There are two ways to increase your bottom line: 1) Increase Revenues and 2) Cut Costs.  Whether you’re in marketing, finance, accounting, sales, operations, or any other department, the measurability of your success rests on whether or not you are helping increase revenues or cut costs.

Often businesses, particularly small and mid-sized companies, and the people who run them focus more on the first of those two ways, increasing revenues.  This is understandable as without sales you have no business.  But too often the second half of that equation is forgotten or at least not given enough attention.

Small business owners often feel they don’t have the capital to invest in technologies that will “cut costs,” as those savings are typically not realized without time and scale.  “How can I invest $5,000 in something that won’t pay itself off for a couple years when I don’t have $5,000 right now?”

This sentiment protects against unwise and expensive investments, but it also often prevents businesses from seeing high return investments.  Not all new technologies cost a lot and not all of them take years to realize their savings.  Check printing is a perfect example of this.  Most businesses pay their bills and employees with checks.  Most small and mid-size businesses use preprinted checks, often QuickBooks checks, which are checks that already have the MICR line and company information printed on them.  By using a QuickBooks check printing software like PrintBoss, which only costs $150, these same businesses can stop using preprinted checks and start using blank checks.  The $150 cost for the software will be earned back the first time blank checks are purchased.  While preprinted checks can cost over $300 per thousand, blank checks sell for only $60 per thousand.

Investing in new solutions to cut costs and improve efficiency does not mean investing in expensive technologies.  Business owners do not have the luxury of unlimited budgets.  So when you’re looking to improve your bottom line by cutting costs you need to find inexpensive but effective solutions with a quick returns.  QuickBooks check printing software that allow you to print on blank check stock is an easy, effective, and simple solution for all businesses.