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  • QuickBooks Add-On Provides Better Document Distribution

    We talk a lot about the document distribution capabilities of PrintBoss.  We talk about how PrintBoss can fax, email, or archive any document that is printed through PrintBoss.  We talk about how it can do this automatically and how we call them SmartDocs.  But, you might still say, “QuickBooks can do that by itself.  Why do I need a QuickBooks add-on?”  Let us explain.

    While you are partially right, in that QuickBooks can do things like email documents and even create PDF copies of said documents (though it can’t archive them on folders it created on your computer or server), QuickBooks can’t do it to the extent and ease that PrintBoss can.  Heck, Intuit readily admits that its QuickBooks add-on marketplace is designed to fill in the feature gaps of its software.  They have put even more emphasis on the marketplace when they announced that their QuickBooks Online products would never reach feature parity with their desktop versions.  Rather, they are relying on the marketplace to achieve this parity.Smart Docs

    But back to the document distribution feature.  QuickBooks allows you to email documents to a list of email addresses.  For example, if you have 100 invoices to send to 100 clients, with QuickBooks you could import a list of email addresses and send the invoices to those emails.  But what if not all 100 clients want to receive their invoice by email?  What if a handful want it faxed and another group want it mailed?  In that case, you would have to run three separate processes with QuickBooks.  But if you printed those invoices through our QuickBooks add-on PrintBoss, PrintBoss would know which clients wanted them emailed, which wanted them faxed, and which wanted them snail mailed.  In that case, PrintBoss would only physically print those that wanted their invoice mailed and then it would email and fax straight from the PrintBoss software.  You don’t have to do a thing.  That's what makes PrintBoss SmartDocs so smart!

    PrintBoss can do all of these things simultaneously and automatically.  To save you even more time, the PrintBoss integration with QuickBooks is seamless, adding zero extra steps.  PrintBoss is designed to save you time and money and it does this as a QuickBooks add-on with its document distribution feature.

    Try distributing your documents with PrintBoss free for 30 days with our free trial.

  • QuickBooks Accountants Use PrintBoss Enterprise to Print Business Checks

    The decision of whether or not to use PrintBoss is easy.  Just ask yourself one simple question: do you print business checks from more than one bank account?  If yes, then you need PrintBoss.  But what if you not only print business checks from more than one bank account, but more than one host accounting software?  Well, then you need PrintBoss Enterprise.

    While some larger businesses do operate more than one accounting system, we’ve found that this scenario applies more often to accountants and consultants.  At QuickBooks conferences over the past few months, we have spoken with a number of QuickBooks Accountants who run into this exact issue.  It is these lucky accountants who are forced to toil in the differing intricacies of numerous accounting software.  From Peachtree, to Dynamics, to QuickBooks Accountant and beyond, accountants are required to be, if not experts, then adept at all software.

    It is for these accountants that we at Wellspring Software work to make PrintBoss Enterprise easy and affordable.  PrintBoss Enterprise has 38 standard integrations with differing host accounting software.  Furthermore, PrintBoss Enterprise gives you the flexibility to configure your business checks any way you want.  The standard form files for each host accounting software are designed to print checks in the same format as the HAS.  But with PrintBoss Enterprise you can easily change this format.  So you could print checks from 38 different host accounting software (more through custom integrations) and have all 38 check formats look different, or have them all look the same.  It’s up to you!

    The beauty of PrintBoss Enterprise is that all 38 integrations come standard with the product.  You pay a one-time price of $795 and you get unlimited bank accounts and all 38 integrations.  The idea is to simplify your business check printing so you can focus on the other complexities of your job.

    Check out the other features of PrintBoss Enterprise like emailing and archiving documents, and then try printing business checks with PrintBoss Enterprise free for 30 days with our free trial.

  • The Purpose of a QuickBooks Add-On

    QuickBooks does a lot.  All versions of it.  It’s designed to “delight” and for the most part, Intuit does a nice job delivering on that intent.  But Intuit’s blueprint for delight does not mean they include every feature and every tool that any SMB could want.  Instead, as the QuickBooks community has grown, Intuit has designed an ecosystem in which it provides the core software, but then creates an infrastructure in which third-party developers can add feature rich QuickBooks add-ons to the ecosystem.  It is from this Intuit Marketplace that QuickBooks users can expand and improve their QuickBooks capabilities with QuickBooks add-ons like PrintBoss.  In the end, it is QuickBooks plus its add-ons together that truly delight.

    Check printing is a perfect example of how when QuickBooks as combined with a QuickBooks add-on like PrintBoss, the process becomes much less expensive and more efficient.  QuickBooks alone provides a check printing function.  The problem is that it is expensive and if you print checks from more than one bank account, it is time consuming.  QuickBooks only allows you to print checks onto pre-printed check stock.  Intuit sells this stock for $328 per thousand checks.  For businesses that print checks from more than one bank account, this means buying separate stock for each account and switching them out as they process check runsSecurity key lock with businessman

    As a QuickBooks add-on, PrintBoss improves this process.  PrintBoss allows you to print checks onto blank check stock.  Not only does this check stock cost a fraction of the Intuit pre-printed stock (PrintBoss checks cost $60 per thousand), but PrintBoss also allows you to use only one check stock for all of your bank accounts.

    PrintBoss Select and PrintBoss Enterprise were designed to work specifically with QuickBooks.  Their seamless integrations, unlimited bank accounts, and simple check format configurations are just a few examples of how PrintBoss as a QuickBooks add-on delights QuickBooks users.

    As Intuit focuses on its QuickBooks Online product, the software giant has made it clear that it will not strive for parity between QBO and its desktop versions.  Intuit is relying on the market to build QuickBooks add-ons to add features to QBO.  This online model puts even more emphasis on QuickBooks add-ons to cont
    ribute to customer delight.

    We are happy to say that no matter which version of QuickBooks you use, from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Accountant, to QuickBooks Online, PrintBoss works with them all and can save you time and money in your check printing.

    Try PrintBoss for free for 30 days with our free trial.  Or visit us in the QuickBooks Marketplace.  If you have any questions, email us at or call us at (800)600-6861.

  • QuickBooks Connect and Printing QuickBooks Checks from the Cloud

    Are you going to the QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose, CA October 21-23?  If you plan to miss it, or haven’t heard of it, we suggest you look into it.  The conference itself is only a day and a half, but is bookended by QuickBooks training sessions covering everything from QuickBooks and Excel, to tax time and QuickBooks.  This is the first end user conference Intuit has put on for the QuickBooks market since the 2007 conference in Dallas, Texas.

    The beauty of the 2014 rendition in San Jose is that Intuit is structuring the conference not only for accountants and bookkeepers, but for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Intuit has defined sessions by four categories: Accountant, Entrepreneur, Small Business, and Developer.  The agenda then defines sessions by which category or categories apply.  Attendees have the option to go to any number of sessions per time period.  This gives businesses the opportunity to bring several employees from different departments to not only learn but network.QB Connect

    As always, collaboration and network building are key components of the conference.  With breaks around the coffee machines and among the exhibitors in the exhibit hall, attendees will not only have a chance to mingle with each other, but get to see what is happening in the QuickBooks marketplace.  All exhibitors at QuickBooks Connect have to work with the QuickBooks Online API.  This is part of Intuit’s push to get users to the Cloud with QuickBooks Online.  Despite this push from the accounting software giant, QuickBooks users have maintained their loyalty and trust in the desktop versions.  Nonetheless, Intuit remains determined to move the market online.

    Here at Wellspring Software, we are excited that no matter which way QuickBooks users go, to the cloud or remaining with desktop, they can all use PrintBoss to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  With our integration as a printer driver, PrintBoss can connect with all versions as long as they have access to a printer.  This way everyone who prints QuickBooks checks from more than one bank account can save time and money
    by printing from all accounts onto one check stock.

    If you’re heading to San Jose in October, let us know because we would love to meet you, hear about your business, and talk about your QuickBooks check printing needs.  In the meantime, or if you don’t plan on attending QuickBooks Connect, try PrintBoss for free for 30 days with our free trial!

    We look forward to seeing everyone in California!

  • Back-to-School Shopping for QuickBooks Check Printing

    The end of summer, marked by sweltering heat and back-to-school shopping is closing upon us.  For parents, back-to-school shopping can be time consuming and costly.  From multiple notebooks, to pens, pencils, colored pencils, and a new backpack, the bill at your local Wal-Mart can add up quickly.  So why not do some back-to-school shopping that will actually save you money?  Instead of spending all your money on notebooks your kids will probably just doodle in, spend it on something that will provide your business cost savings every year.  Spend it on PrintBoss.

    Does your business print checks from more than one bank account?  Then you need PrintBoss.  PrintBoss allows you to print checks from multiple bank accounts onto one blank check stock.  This saves you time and money, the two things that back-to-school shopping takes from you.Blank to printed check

    The beauty of PrintBoss lies in its simple and intuitive interface and its seamless integration with QuickBooks (as well as more than 30 other accounting softwares).  PrintBoss integrates with your QuickBooks as a printer driver.  This means that all you have to do is print checks as you normally would in QuickBooks, but set your checks to print to the PrintBoss printer.  PrintBoss harbors your banking information in secure, encrypted files and automatically prints the necessary MICR line information on each check.  This bank information is associated with the company name from QuickBooks company files. (Learn more about printing checks with PrintBoss)

    This means that all you do is click print in QuickBooks, and PrintBoss takes care of the rest automatically.  This saves you the time of switching in and out different check stocks, and saves you the money on purchasing various stocks for each bank account.  It’s really that easy.

    So as summer draws to a close, take yourself back-to-school shopping and get something that will actually save you money and give you more time for…your kids’ back-to-school shopping, I guess.

    Try PrintBoss free for 30-days and see how it can help your business.

  • How To Save Money Printing QuickBooks Checks

    “Why should I print checks onto blank check stock?”

    We get this question all the time and frankly, if we didn’t have a good answer we would not have been in business for the past 25 years.  Really, the benefits are threefold: save time, save money, and increase security.  But today we are going to focus on the one that most customers focus on—save money.

    Printing QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock saves you money in a number of ways.  First and foremost, the cost of the check stock is much, MUCH less.  Just look at the price difference.  PrintBoss high security check stock costs $60 per thousand checks.  Intuit preprinted high security check stock costs $327.99 per thousand checks.  That’s a 547% increase in price.  Given that printing checks through PrintBoss adds zero extra steps to how you would print preprinted checks through QuickBooks, the cost saving is enormous.Holding piggy bank

    Beyond the simple (though extreme) cost of the checks, printing QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock saves you money in your operations.  Using blank check stock enables you to use one stock for all of your bank accounts.  So instead of storing 20 different check stocks for your 20 different bank accounts, store just one blank check stock and let PrintBoss print the necessary bank information onto each check.  This saves you in check inventory and helps cash flow as you don’t have to buy 20 different stocks at once.

    Using blank check stock also saves you money by saving you time.  We all know time is a scarce and valuable resource, and so when blank checks can save you from running back and forth between your desk and the printer to exchange checks, you save money.  Also, if your check numbers get off or you print a faulty check, PrintBoss can reprint any check with the correct check number at any time.  It’s that easy, and anything that simple saves you money.

    Saving money in your accounts payable process is easy when you print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  Check out the other benefits and features of PrintBoss, or experience the savings yourself by downloading the PrintBoss 30-day free trial.

  • Printing Checks from the Cloud with QuickBooks Online

    Coming off of the Scaling New Heights 2014 conference, we've received a lot of inquiries about whether PrintBoss works with QuickBooks Online.  At the conference last month, Intuit made it clear that the future of QuickBooks is in their online version.  This is not to say they are abandoning their desktop version, but most development will be for the cloud software.  They are encouraging this focus also in their third-party developers.  By putting on conferences like QuickBooks Connect and only inviting apps supported by QuickBooks Online, Intuit is making it clear they want to push their cloud software.  We talked a lot about this after the conference.

    Coming away from SNH14, it is understandable that many QuickBooks users and Pro Advisors had questions about QBO and its environment.  For this reason we wanted to take this space to answer some of these questions.Cloud printing

    First and foremost, yes PrintBoss Select and Enterprise work with QuickBooks Online.  By installing the PrintBoss printer driver on your local network or computer, you can print checks from QuickBooks Online to your PrintBoss printer driver.

    When using PrintBoss with QuickBooks Online, it is necessary to use the Internet Explorer web browser.  All other web browsers render the QuickBooks Online output as an image instead of as text.  IE is the only one to render the QBO output as text.  By doing this, IE enables PrintBoss to manipulate the page and allow top, middle, and bottom check positions.

    Beyond this IE requirement, PrintBoss functions the same in QBO as it does on the desktop QuickBooks applications.  As Intuit makes this push into the cloud, PrintBoss will continue to enable you to print checks onto blank check stock, saving you time and money.  We are currently in development with a QBO only PrintBoss app that will make this even easier, so stayed tuned for more on that in the coming year.

    If you have any other questions, contact us here or try PrintBoss yourself with our 30 day free trial.

    We’ll see you in the cloud!

  • QuickBooks Check Printing with PrintBoss Select and Enterprise

    We have had several clients ask us recently what the main differences are between our PrintBoss Select and Enterprise products.  In some cases, they have done the 30 day trial of PrintBoss Enterprise, but then when they purchase the software, they order PrintBoss Select.  Inevitably, we get calls asking why their demos had these features but now after they purchased the software, they can no longer do all of those same things.  In an effort to answer and prevent much of this confusion, we thought we’d take some time and space on our blog to explain the two and provide links to more information about each.

    PrintBoss Select

    At just $150, the Select version is designed as an out of the box check printing solution.  When we first ventured into the QuickBooks market, we found the user base to have slightly different needs than our historical clients.  This customer segment needed unlimited bank accounts and wanted to be able to print signatures on checks.  They wanted to be able to use Positive Pay and print logos on their checks as well.  They didn’t need things like emailing or archiving accounting documents.  In order to meet their needs, we created PrintBoss Select.  It is designed to be an inexpensive, easy to use, low maintenance check printing solution.Select & Ent.

    Select’s plug and play type structure does not lend itself to form customization or Citrix environments.  What it does do is enable top, middle, or bottom check printing.  It works with all versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online and it allows you to print deposit slips and create ACH payment files.  The market asked for something simple and intuitive, so we gave it to them.

    PrintBoss Enterprise

    Like its Select sibling, Enterprise was designed to be easy to use and intuitive.  At $795, it comes with all the bells, whistles, and extras you could ask for.  When compared to products with similar features, Enterprise’s $750 price point lies well below the competition.  While maintaining all of the features of Select, Enterprise adds further features and allows for more form customization.

    PrintBoss Enterprise allows you to email and fax copies of all of your accounting documents.  It will even automatically archive documents after being printed.  Part of this archiving feature is Enterprise’s ability to not only name documents based on things like company name or invoice number, but also create folders on your network if they do not already exist.

    Enterprise also works in a Citrix environment and works with other accounting packages beyond QuickBooks.  In general, PrintBoss Enterprise was designed to allow you to do anything and everything you need to do.

    For a quick breakdown on feature differences between Select and Enterprise, go to our Free Trial page and scroll to the bottom.  And while you’re there, download our free trial to see how both Select and Enterprise can save your company time and money, while increasing your security.  In the setup process of the free trial, you will be able to pick which version you want to try.


  • The Unalienable Right of Check Writing

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    July 4th, 1776 this line was first published in the Declaration of Independence.  It has come to not only define our country, but each one of us, individually, in our pursuit of a better, more prosperous life.  What many Americans don’t know, and this is a hotly debated topic amongst historians1, is that originally those were not the only “unalienable rights” perceived by Jefferson.  The exact wording of the original document is unknown, but it is believed it went something like this: “…unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness, and saving Time and Money through check writing.”Declaration of Independence

    It should be understood that in 1776, the concept of checks was somewhat new to the world.  Though check writing had started nearly a century earlier across the pond, these early banks did not have the systems to efficiently clear and process check payments.  Couriers were sent from one bank to another, often requiring long travel to collect money.  Not only was this time consuming, but the guarantee of funds was not always there, resulting in the first “bounced” checks.  But chief among these issues, according to historians2, was that for those with multiple bank accounts there was no efficient and inexpensive way to write checks.  This prevented all but the elite from writing checks.

    For these reasons, our forefathers omitted this final unalienable right3.  How can something be a right to all if only a few can afford it?  Then 214 years later, in 1990, what had only been perceived as an unalienable right, finally became reality.  The invention of PrintBoss 24 years ago lead a groundswell of support to reexamine the Declaration of Independence and add in what was once taken out4.  It is every man and woman’s right to print checks from multiple bank accounts in an efficient and affordable manner5.  PrintBoss enabled and still enables this right through an inexpensive software ($150) and an intuitive interface.  What’s more, PrintBoss maintains this right through increased security in both its software and its PrintBoss Check Stock.

    As we all know, government is a slow mechanism, and so the Declaration has not yet been changed.  But it doesn’t take a document to provide you your unalienable rights…it takes a software like PrintBoss.

    Express your rights with our 30-day Free Trial and write checks from multiple check accounts onto one blank check stock and save time and money.

    Happy Independence Day!


    1.  There is no record of this topic being discussed or debated by historians.

    2.  Historians never said this.

    3.  It was omitted because it was never discussed.

    4.  Groundswell is a relative term.

    5.  This is at the core of our belief here at Wellspring Software.

  • Scaling New Heights 2014 Recap: We are definitely climbing higher

    The Scaling New Heights conference has established itself in two ways.  1) As an industry barometer, which gives us a clear reading of the QuickBooks market. Are sales strong or languid? What 3rd party products are helping to focus sales? And 2) as an accurate road sign guiding us to stay aware of the newest features and programs offered by Intuit, and to stay in the mainstream of new technology designed to enhance the use of QuickBooks.

    The conference is always informative, interesting and even entertaining.  Joe Woodard, the host of the conference, explained how the new online version of QuickBooks will clean up the process of using QuickBooks just as effectively as a “poop-less cat” would keep a clean litter box.  Joe and Intuit both stressed that while the QuickBooks desktop versions would not be going away anytime soon, most development will be going into QuickBooks Online.

    JW Marriott San AntonioInterestingly, Intuit indicated it would not strive for building parity between the desktop and online versions, but instead expects the “Intuit Ecosystem” to bring about that parity through 3rd party app development.  In this effort, Intuit claims they are working to open up their IPP (Intuit Partner Platform) so that developers have more access to data.  Intuit even held a developer open forum where the IPP team took uncensored questions.  The packed room indicated how much the “Intuit Ecosystem” has really grown.

    This “Intuit Ecosystem” was an important topic of discussion.  Not only is Intuit working to leverage it for QuickBooks Online parity, but it is also using it to partner with companies like American Express to fulfill all business needs, not just bookkeeping ones.  This partnership, for example, will allow QuickBooks users to utilize American Express Open’s small business alternate funding options.  These funding options are not typically available through banks.  American Express is also enabling receipt matching with QuickBooks Online.  More partners will enable more tools to solve all types of business problems.

    The 2014 Scaling New Heights was the largest of its kind ever. It attracted QuickBooks Pro Advisors from all corners of the country. The exchange of information among attendees was a constant theme both in the structured presentations, in the sessions and at every meal or social event.  The sharing of information and ideas was exhilarating.

    The location, the JW Marriott in San Antonio, was a perfect venue for the event because it was both beautiful and focused. It was difficult to ignore the breath taking beauty that created an environment where you never got bored.  You always looked forward to the next planned activity that was sure to make you better for your investment.

    We need more events like Scaling New Heights where we come together with a common focus and everyone leaves happier and smarter because we all shared something valuable.  We look forward to seeing everyone next year at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, June 21-24.

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