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Adding Flexibility to QuickBooks Check Printing

We all print QuickBooks checks.  It is a key function of our accounts payable process.  Consequently, we are all looking for a QuickBooks check printing software that will make this function easier, cheaper, and more secure.  But there are other functionalities to consider when purchasing a QuickBooks check printing software.

It is important to note that QuickBooks comes with the tools to perform the QuickBooks check printing process, it’s only that these out of box tools are rudimentary at best and confining and a security risk at worst.  For the purpose of providing advice on an optimal QuickBooks check printing process, it is recommended to use a third-party software to perform the check printing function.  A QuickBooks add-on check printing software will also add other features that will improve your accounts payable processes.

Rarely do we pay all of our payables in the same manner.  The way in which we pay vendors may depend on the preference of the vendor and this could greatly differ from the way we pay employees.  For this reason, it is important to have the flexibility to pay people and businesses in a variety of ways.  What is even better is if you can process your payables through different payment methods all from one interface.  The best QuickBooks check printing softwares, like PrintBoss, allow you to do this.  PrintBoss allows you to pay by printed check, ACH, Positive Pay file, or with your globalVCard all in the same payment run.  So you just mark the invoices you want paid in QuickBooks, and initiate a check run, but when the information is passed to PrintBoss, PrintBoss will know how each vendor wants to be paid and will consequently produce either a printed check, an ACH file, or any other type of payment required.  This all happens without any extra steps on your part.  Just click print in QuickBooks and all of your payables are processed correctly.

But your payables process is not finished when the checks have been printed.  No, there are still payment notices to be emailed, invoices to be archived, and Positive Pay files to be sent to name a few.  PrintBoss can handle all of this.  Email documents straight from PrintBoss, and automatically archive documents at the end of each day.  PrintBoss makes the entire QuickBooks check printing process streamlined and easy.

Find out firsthand what PrintBoss can do for your QuickBooks check printing process by trying our 30 day free trial.  It is a fully functioning trial, enabling you to print live checks with no “Demonstration Copy” printed on the check face.  Or Contact Us, if you would like more information.